Pay Per Lead

Want to remove the risk from SEO and PPC advertising entirely?

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Our Pay Per Lead marketing is one of our popular specialist services for businesses who; 1) understand what each paying customer is worth to them over their average lifetime, and 2) are lead hungry businesses that don’t have a small ceiling of how leads they can accept.

We take care of all the online ad campaigns, creative design, marketing and website placement and All the costs associated. We deliver the lead to you on a pay per lead basis.

Why Internet Leads

Every single business transaction in the World begins, and ends, with a Lead. Without a lead, there would be no business. A lead is the fundamental component to all “sales cycles” which includes the completion/close of a sale. Sales cycles must continually be started and completed in order for any business to survive. If you know the average life time value of each of your customer, you know how much you can afford to acquire a lead.

Every industry with an on-line presence is currently buying leads in one way or another. Every Single One!

Our lead generations here at Digital Marketing Titan can generate high volumes of internet leads that are fresh, pre-qualified and have expressed interest in your product or service.

Our Internet leads are delivered to you in real-time, and can be automatically distributed to a sales department of your choice.

Buying internet leads is the most efficient and cost effective way to prospect and close new business, compared to traditional offline marketing like Direct Mail, TV Commercials, radio and other forms of media, which can be difficult to track with a big risk of no measurable return.

We will guide you through the following common questions about pay per lead including:

  • Is my business ready for pay per lead
  • How much does it normally cost for my industry
  • Why would I consider a pay per lead arrangement

Inquire for a confidential discussion about our Pay Per Lead services so we can determine if its the best fit for your business.