Advanced Web Analytics

Transform web analytics into improved business results

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Our Advanced Web Analytics services help you make sense of website data, that in turn improve business results.

  • Are your digital marketing goals driven by data; or just a shot in the dark?
  • Are you looking for proven web analytics strategies to unlock the profits lying hidden in your website?
  • Do you need board-level reports and KPI dashboards to drive and direct your online marketing initiatives?

We have over 10 years’ experience in web analytics and can help you:

  • Define and track appropriate KPIs and online marketing metrics;
  • Create better user experiences that closely match visitor expectations, increasing length and depth of visit;
  • Test and optimise funnels, landing pages, ad copies to increase the conversion rate of each visitor;
  • Add value to existing Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing campaigns;
  • Optimize any issues that are causing any attrition in the conversion process;
  • Integrate website data into CRMs systems such as Infusion soft;
  • Track and optimise which advertising channels are driving desired goals;
  • Identify new opportunities to dominate your industry online;

Our expertise ranges from enterprise digital analytics tools like Google Analytics, to affiliate analytical platforms like cake and Has Offers, all the way down to niche products like Click Tale and Optimally.